Sprengel Museum

The Sprengel Museum is ranking among the most significant art museums of the 20th and 21st century. Extensive collections from 1945 until today and a varied exhibition programme can be admired. On the World Day of Dance it says „ The Sprengel Mu…

Kurt-Schwitters-Platz · 30169 Hannover

State Opera Hannover

The State Theatre of Lower Saxony Hannover GmbH is one of the biggest multi genre theatres in Germany. It offers three official venues, hosts more than 400.000 visitors and almost 1.300 events per year. The programme features important works of international opera…

Opernplatz 1 · 30159 Hannover

Kino am Raschplatz

The movie theatre "Kino am Raschplatz" specializes on sophisticated and international movies. Since its opening on 16.09.1977 the KINO AM RASCHPLATZ has been the homestead for cineastes next to HOCHHAUS-LICHTSPIELE and the APOLLO in Hannover. On the occasion of the World…

Raschplatz 5 · 30161 Hannover

Cumberlandsche Galerie

Cumberlandsche Galerie - the cities most beautiful stairwell! The brick building that is under monumental protection is a hind wing of Hannovers Playhouse. It is being used for all kinds of events: small theatre productions, readings, parties. We are happy…

Prinzenstraße 9 · 30159 Hannover

Haus der Jugend

Haus der Jugend, close to the LBS building, Maschstraße 22, 30169 Hannover “Haus der Jugend” offers a versatile mix of freetime activities for kids and teenagers , including cooking, circus, hip-hop and breakdance.

Maschstraße 22 · 30169 Hannover


You can find a wide variety of art, exhibitions and theater within this courtyard. Since the 1980s the Eisfabrik has been the home of many painters, musicians, photographers, actors and dancers.

Seilerstraße 15F · 30171 Hannover

Tanzhaus im AhrbergViertel

Tanzhaus im Ahrbergviertel The “Compagnie Fredeweß” ist a constant of the dance scene in Hannover. Offering innovative, non compromising dance theater, they use their own bodies as tangibles, exploring bones, muscles and joints and it’s natural motion abilities.

Ilse-Ter-Meer-Weg 7 · 30449 Hannover